History of the Institute Vienna Circle

Since 2011, the Institute Vienna Circle is a part of the Faculty of Philosophy and Education. It closely cooperates with the non-profit foundation “Vienna Circle Society” founded in 1991. The previous heads of the Institute Vienna Circle were Friedrich Stadler (2011-2018) Esther Ramharter (2018-2020) and Martin Kusch (2020-2022). The current head of the Institute is Georg Schiemer; his deputy is Iulian Toader. The departmental administrator is Sabine Koch. In 2015, the Institute and the Society organized the first exhibition about the original Vienna Circle. In addition to Friedrich Stadler, Karl Sigmund and Christoph Limbeck-Lilienau were centrally involved in planning and setting up this exhibition. Since 2018, the Institute has funds to invite four “visiting fellows” each term. In 2019, the Institute moved into new premises in Alserstraße 23/32; the Vienna Circle Society is located at the Campus of the University of Vienna. The FWF-projects of Christian Damböck and Günther Sandner are both located at the IVC.