Hybrid Logic Café Lecture: Suki Finn (Royal Holloway University of London) | "Nothing"



Logic Café Lecture
The Philosophy Department and the Institute Vienna Circle are jointly organizing a series of talks this term

Date: 30/01/2023

Time: 16h45- 18h15

Meetings are usually held on Mondays from 16:45 to 18:15 in Raum 3D (D0316), 3. floor Department of Philosophy

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This talk will be about Nothing. It is not the case that there will be no thing that I will be talking about, nevertheless I will indeed talk about absence of referents as well as reference to absence. Nothing is said to have many extraordinary properties, but in predicating anything of Nothing we contradict its nothingness. In trying to avoid such misleading descriptions, Nothing could be theorised as ineffable, apart from perhaps being effed as a dialetheia. Since Nothing quickly explodes into infinity, and having only restricted finite time, this talk marks just the early stages of my journey into the void. Attendees can therefore expect introductory thoughts on material from a variety of disciplines and traditions, including on the empty set, the vacuum, zero, negation, nonexistents, and holes, from which I hope you will get something from Nothing.

Hybrid via Zoom and Raum 3D (D0316), 3. floor Department of Philosophy