Philosophy of Science Colloquium TALK: Damian Aleksiev (IVC Fellow) | Finding Ground


Finding Ground

Philosophy of Science Colloquium
The Institute Vienna Circle holds a Philosophy of Science Colloquium with talks by our present fellows.

Date: 23/03/2023

Time: 15h00

This talk is going to be a hybrid event, in-person at NIG (SR 2i) and can be followed via online Plattform.

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Passcode: 226427


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Grounding is central to contemporary discussions in metaphysics. However, there currently is no well-developed methodology for finding grounding connections. I investigate and evaluate three proposals for developing an a priori epistemology of grounding. The first proposal concerns explanatory gaps: it posits that there should be no explanatory gaps between grounds and groundees. The second proposal concerns metaphysically explanatory properties: it posits that groundees will inherit the properties of their grounds that metaphysically explain them. The final proposal concerns ubiquitous properties: it posits that groundee will inherit the ubiquitous properties of their grounds. 

NIG, Universitätsstraße 7, 1010 Wien, SR 2i and ONLINE