Mariangela Cocchiaro MA

March 1st - August 27th 2020

Research for a study about

Modest or sceptical? A rational dilemma for the conciliationist

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Jitsi Online Talk


"Generalized Conciliationism"

Date: 23/04/2020

Time: 14h00

Venue: Jitsi online Talk


The significance of (the dynamic version of) Aumann's agreement theorem for the epistemology of peer disagreement

For over a decade now epistemologists have been thinking about the peer disagreement problem of whether a person is reasonable in not lowering her confidence in her belief P when she comes to accept that she has an epistemic peer on P who disbelieves P. However, epistemologists have overlooked a key realistic way how epistemic peers can, or even have to, differ epistemically—a way that reveals the inadequacy of both conformist and non-conformist views on peer disagreement by uncovering how the causes of peer disagreement bear on the debate’s core philosophical issue.

Part of my argument for this thesis will involve giving a thorough yet entirely informal presentation of mathematical theorems in economics by Robert Aumann (1976) and Polemarchakis & Geneakoplos (1982) which represent a formally precise description of how two rational agents must deal with disagreement under certain epistemically interesting circumstances.''

Podcast Lecture at Logic Café


"The significance of Aumann's agreement theorem for the epistemology of peer disagreement"

Discussion of Podcast:

Date: 22/06/2020 

Time: 17h15-18h00 Uhr

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