Sean Winkler PhD

March 1st - August 27th 2020


Research for a study about


Completing one chapter of a book on the work of the Soviet philosopher Boris Hessen





Work Package (WP) #1


“A Study of Dynamic and Statistical Regularity in Hessenian Marxism: An Introduction”


“Marian Smoluchowski (On the 10th Anniversary of His Death),” Hessen

“On Cde. Timiryazev’s Attitude towards Contemporary Science,” Hessen & Egorshin

“Mechanical Materialism and Modern Physics,” Hessen

 Status: Submitted together to Science in Context for review


Work Package #2


“Boris Hessen and The Vienna Circle: Richard von Mises’s Concept of the Collective in Hessenian Marxism”



“Preface to ‘On Causal and Statistical Regularities in Physics,’ by R.v. Mises,” Hessen

“The Statistical Method in Physics and R. Mises’s New Justification of Probability Theory,” Hessen

“A Theoretico-Probabilistic Justification of the Ergodic Hypothesis (Excerpt),” Hessen

 Status: Still writing article, polishing up translations


 Work Package #3





“Idealistic Tendencies in Modern Physics and the Struggle against Them”

“V.I. Lenin’s Work, Materialism and Empirio-Criticism

“On the Question of Training Scientific Workers in Theoretical Natural Science”

 Status: Still carrying out translations

Online Lecture


 "Quantum and Materialist Dialectics: Dynamic and Statistical Regularity in Hessenian Marxism"

The talk will be about Boris Hessen's understanding of a 'unity in opposition' between dynamic and statistical conceptions of natural law in the history of physics.  I would put a particular emphasis on Hessen's study of the work of Richard von Mises.

Date: 23/06/2020

Time: 17h15 

Venue: Online University of Vienna - Department of Philosophy


Date: 06/07/2020

Time: 17h15 

Venue: Online " Ca' Foscari University of Venice (IT), 6 July 2020

Jitsi online Talk


"Scientific Revolution and Materialist Dialectics The Philosophy of Boris Hessen"

Date: 14/05/2020

Time: 14h00

Venue: Jitsi Talk