APSE-CEU-IVC Talks Summerterm 2022 Overview


The Philosophy Department of the Central European University, the Institute Vienna Circle and the Unit for Applied Philosophy of Science and Epistemology (of the Department of Philosophy of the University of Vienna) are jointly organizing a series of talks this term.


10 March 3-5 PM: Christian Damböck (Institute Vienna Circle, University of Vienna)

17 March 3-5 PM: Quill Kukla (Kennedy Institute of Ethics, Georgetown University)

24 March 3-5 PM: Derek Turner (Connecticut College, New London, CT)

7 April 3-5 PM: John Horden (University of Barcelona, current fellow at IVC)

28 April 5.30-7.30 PM: Ásta (San Francisco State University)

12 May 1-3 PM: Rachel Ankeny and Audrey Henry (University of Adelaide) Cancelled

12 May 3-5 PM: Robert Wilson (University of Western Australia)

19 May 3-5 PM: Nils-Eric Sahlin (University of Lund), Robin Stenwall (University of Lund) and Fredrik Stjernberg (University of Linköping) Cancelled

19 May 5-7 PM: Sean Walsh (University of California)

2 June 3-5 PM: Eric Nelson (Hong Kong University of Science and Technology)

9 June 3-5 PM: Anna Bellomo (University of Amsterdam, current fellow at IVC)

23 June 3-5 PM: Hanne Andersen (University of Copenhagen)

30 June 3.15-4.45 PM: Georg Schiemer (University of Vienna) Postponed to next semester

30 June 5-6.30 PM: Hans-Joachim Dahms (current fellow at IVC) Postponed to next semester


On behalf of the organizers,
Maria Kronfeldner
Martin Kusch
Christian Damböck
Iulian Toader