The Philosophy Department of the Central European University, the Institute Vienna Circle and the Unit for Applied Philosophy of Science and Epistemology (of the Department of Philosophy of the University of Vienna) are jointly organizing a series of talks this term.



13 October 3.45-5.45 PM: Joel Katzav (University of Queensland, IVC Fellowship)

20 October 12.30-2-30 PM: Rachel Ankeny and Audrey Henry (University of Adelaide) ONLINE

27 October 3-5 PM: Amos Morris-Reich (Tel Aviv University)

3 November 3-5 PM: Hans-Joachim Dahms (IVC Fellowship)

17 November 3-5 PM: Ivan Ferreira da Cunha (Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina, IVC Research Fellowship)

24 November 3.45-5.45 PM: Sorin Bangu (University of Bergen, IVC Fellowship)

1 December 3.45-5.45 PM: Georg Schiemer (Institute Vienna Circle, University of Vienna)



12 January 3-5 PM: Johnathan Flowers (California State University) ONLINE

19 January 3-5 PM: Ian Kidd (University of Nottingham) ONLINE

26 January 3-5 PM: Uljana Feest (University of Hannover) ONLINE



On behalf of the organizers,
Maria Kronfeldner
Georg Schiemer
Martin Kusch
Christian Damböck
Iulian Toader