APSE-CEU-IVC Talks WS 2021 2022: Overview


The Philosophy Department of the Central European University, the Institute Vienna Circle and the Unit for Applied Philosophy of Science and Epistemology (of the Department of Philosophy of the University of Vienna) are jointly organizing a series of talks this term




21 October 3-5pm: Peter Graham cancelled

28 October 3-5pm: Adam Tuboly

4 November 3-5pm: Luana Poliseli

11 November 3-5pm: Maria Kronfeldner

25 November 3-5pm: Thomas Olechowski

1 December 3-5pm: Asya Passinsky (Attention: Wednesday)

9 December 3-5pm: Jennifer Lackey

12 December 3-5pm: Sophie Veigl

16 December 3-5pm: Heather Douglas



13 January 3-5pm: Sidonie Kellerer

20 January 3-5pm: Sahanika Ratnayake

27 January 3-5pm: Martin Carrier


On behalf of the organizers,
Maria Kronfeldner
Martin Kusch
Christian Damböck
Iulian Toader